Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some New Jewelry

Shabby Chic Style with a Cameo

Malachite, Glass and Ceramic Beads
New Zealand Coin set with Glass and Crystals

Coral with Enamel and Bras
Sodalite and Lapis set with Silver
Here are a few things that I have been working on. I was thinking about my daughter, Logan. She loves the shabby chic style, and she loves retro things. I made her a cameo necklace with a picture of my grandmother in the pendant. See it here, as well as some other new items.

Freshwater Keishi pearls strands with Crystals, Shell and Garnets
I saw a multi-strand necklace that I really liked, and I decided to create a few of my own. I love the colors of my materials, and the process of gathering the beads and stones is interesting and fun. I am making some pendants to go on these necklaces. I just finished one with a big green turquoise cross set with copper. It is on a four strand necklace of seafoam colored glass with turquoise and ceramic accents.
When I first started making jewelry with my daughters, we used fabric and ribbon with wire. We added beads to the outside of the cloth part. The other day, I found a few of these little beads that we had made. I decided to set them with some different stones and glass. The result is this pink and copper piece with a coin pendant. The coin is from New Zealand. A good friend of mine travels there every year, and brings me coins to set. She has given me coins from Saudi Arabia too. They are all so interesting! I just drill the coins and set them.

Most of my necklace sets are priced between $30 and $65. I try and set materials that are not too expensive, so that everyone can afford to splurge if they want to. I can build custom pieces, or match an outfit for a special occasion. I can do a show at your home or office, as well.

Anyone interested in buying something, or having a show for me, please contact me at <>

 I am going to have a trunk show at SheShe Boutique on East Main Street, Downtown Montrose on Thursday, December 15th I will be there all day. Please come and see me there!!

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